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Lateral positioning of InGaAs quantum dots using a buried stressor

Strittmatter, André; Schliwa, Andrei; Schulze, J.-H.; Germann, Tim David; Dreismann, A.; Hitzemann, Ole; Stock, Erik; Ostapenko, Irina; Rodt, Sven; Unrau, Waldemar; Pohl, Udo W.; Hoffmann, Axel; Bimberg, Dieter; Haisler, V.

We present a “bottom-up” approach for the lateral alignment of semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) based on strain-driven self-organization. A buried stressor formed by partial oxidation of (Al,Ga)As layers is employed in order to create a locally varying strain field at a GaAs(001) growth surface. During subsequent strained layer growth, local self-organization of (In,Ga)As QDs is controlled by the contour shape of the stressor. Large vertical separation of the QD growth plane from the buried stressor interface of 150 nm is achieved enabling high optical quality of QDs. Optical characterization confirms narrow QD emission lines without spectral diffusion.
Published in: Applied Physics Letters, 10.1063/1.3691251, American Institute of Physics (AIP)
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