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The Trouble with "Articulatory" Pauses

Hieke, Adolf E.; Kowal, Sabine; O'Connell, Daniel C.

The historical provenance of a minimum cut-off point (of about 0.25 sec) for pauses in temporal analyses of speech production is associated with Goldman-Eisler's usage. Her rationale was the predominance of articulatory pauses at lengths shorter than 0.25 sec. Both phonotactic facts and empirical analysis of several corpora of readings disconfirm this predominance with respect to pauses 0.13-0.25 sec in length. The vast majority of these pauses are found to be psychological; they are determined by syntax, punctuation, rhetorical and expressive emphasis, poetic format, and stylistic pecularities.
Published in: Language and speech, 10.1177/002383098302600302, SAGE Publications
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