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Design and performance analysis of integrated focusing grating couplers for the transverse-magnetic TM00 mode in a photonic BiCMOS technology

Georgieva, Galina; Voigt, Karsten; Peczek, Anna; Mai, Christian; Zimmermann, Lars

Focusing grating couplers for the excitation of the fundamental transverse-magnetic (TM) mode in integrated silicon photonic waveguides are designed and characterized under the boundary conditions of a photonic BiCMOS foundry. Two types of waveguide geometries are considered – a nanowire and a rib waveguide. Wafer-scale experimental results for nanowire TM grating couplers are in excellent agreement with numerical investigations and demonstrate a robust behavior on the wafer. The mean coupling loss and the 3σ interval are -3.9 ± 0.3 dB. The on wafer variation is three times lower than for the fundamental transverse-electric (TE) polarization. Similarly, the coupling in rib waveguides is examined as well. The results indicate that the rib waveguides require a modified geometry when designed for TM. In general, the nanowire waveguide type is more suitable for TM coupling, showing a stable and repeatable performance.
Published in: Journal of the European Optical Society: Rapid Publications, 10.1186/s41476-020-00129-4, Springer