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Mesoscopic Modeling for Continua with Pores: Application in Biological Soft Tissue

Weinberg, Kerstin; Böhme, Thomas

In this work, the damage in biological soft tissue induced by bubble cavitation is investigated. A typical medical procedure with such damaging side effects is the kidney stone fragmentation by shock-wave lithotripsy. We start with a mesoscopic continuum model that allows the consideration of microstructural information within the macroscopic balance equations. An evolution equation for the temporal development of the bubble distribution function is derived. Furthermore, the constitutive relations of bubble expansion are deduced by means of a spherical shell model. Numerical simulations are presented for a typical soft tissue material and different definitions for a damage parameter are discussed.
Published in: Journal of non-equilibrium thermodynamics, 10.1515/JNETDY.2008.001, De Gruyter
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