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Improving the vertical modeling of tropospheric delay

Wang, Jungang; Balidakis, Kyriakos; Zus, Florian; Chang, Xiao; Ge, Maorong; Heinkelmann, Robert; Schuh, Harald

Accurate tropospheric delays from Numerical Weather Models (NWM) are an important input to space geodetic techniques, especially for precise real-time Global Navigation Satellite Systems, which are indispensable to earthquake and tsunami early warning systems as well as weather forecasting. The NWM-based tropospheric delays are currently provided either site-specific with a limited spatial coverage, or on two-dimensional grids close to the Earth surface, which cannot be used for high altitudes. We introduce a new method of representing NWM-derived tropospheric zenith hydrostatic and wet delays. A large volume of NWM-derived data is parameterized with surface values and additional two or three coefficients for their vertical scaling to heights up to 14 km. A precision of 1–2 mm is achieved for reconstructing delays to the NWM-determined delays at any altitudes. The method can efficiently deliver NWM-derived tropospheric delays to a broader community of space geodetic techniques.
Published in: Geophysical Research Letters, 10.1029/2021GL096732, Wiley