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A generic implementation of a quantified predictor on FPGAs

Thomas, Gervin; Elhossini, Ahmed; Juurlink, Ben

Predictors are used in many fields of computer architectures to enhance performance. With good estimations of future system behaviour, policies can be developed to improve system performance or reduce power consumption. These policies become more effective if the predictors are implemented in hardware and can provide quantified forecasts and not only binary ones. In this paper, we present and evaluate a generic predictor implemented in VHDL running on an FPGA which produces quantified forecasts. Moreover, a complete scalability analysis is presented which shows that our implementation has a maximum device utilization of less than 5%. Furthermore, we analyse the power consumption of the predictor running on an FPGA. Additionally, we show that this implementation can be clocked by over 210 MHz. Finally, we evaluate a power-saving policy based on our hardware predictor. Based on predicted idle periods, this power-saving policy uses power-saving modes and is able to reduce memory power consumption by 14.3%.
Published in: Proceedings of the 24th Edition of the Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI, 10.1145/2591513.2591517, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)