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Facility Management Building Energy Ontology for Renovative Design Decisons

Besenyöi, Zsuzsa

This research represents a part of a Doctoral Dissertation, where one of the focus points was to develop a Facility Management (FM) Domain Ontology to support the contextualized management of FM knowledge in renovative design decisions, especially within the theme of buildings’ energy performance. Respectively, this FM Domain Ontology provides different classification aspects, according to what written FM best practice policies can be systematically classified and stored in a form of natural text, as well as in the form of machine-readable rules. As an outcome of this repository, the FM Domain Ontology can be used as a part of a knowledge base in a BIM-supported Facility Management Knowledge Management System. One of the primary goals of this system could be to check if a building design, represented in a form of a Building Information Model, is compliant with energy performance-related FM design criteria. Accordingly, with the help of this FM Domain Ontology, an integrated and accelerated building design process can be established, where Design Experts can proactively ensure the optimal energy consumption of newly renovated facilities.