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The Effects of HLAW Parameters for One Side T-Joints in 15 mm Thickness Naval Steel

Churiaque, Cristina; Sánchez-Amaya, Jose Maria; Porrúa-Lara, Manuel; Gumenyuk, Andrey; Rethmeier, Michael

The present contribution is the first research reporting full penetration HLAW joints in 15 mm thick EH36 steel butt T-welds with square grooves on 2F welding position by single-sided welding. The effects of welding parameters were investigated to increase the quality of the joints. Conditions leading to defect-free full penetration welds fulfilling naval regulations includes a laser power of 12.5 kW, a welding speed of 1.6 m/min and the vertical laser offset distance from the flange of 1 mm. Advanced characterization of selected welds included a microstructural identification by optical microscopy, SEM, and XRD, revealing the presence of acicular, polygonal and Widmanstätten ferrite, lath martensite, and some retained austenite at FZ. Hardness and microhardness mapping tests showed values of 155 HV at base metal and 200 to 380 HV at the fusion zone connecting the web to the flange.
Published in: Metals, 10.3390/met11040600, MDPI