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The COMIX polarimeter: a compact device for XUV polarization analysis

Pancaldi, Matteo; Strüber, Christian; Friedrich, Bertram; Pedersoli, Emanuele; Angelis, Dario De; Nikolov, Ivaylo; Manfredda, Michele; Foglia, Laura; Yulin, Sergiy; Spezzani, Carlo; Sacchi, Maurizio; Eisebitt, Stefan; Korff Schmising, Clemens von; Capotondi, Flavio

We report on the characterization of a novel extreme-ultraviolet polarimeter based on conical mirrors to simultaneously detect all the components of the electric field vector for extreme-ultraviolet radiation in the 45–90 eV energy range. The device has been characterized using a variable polarization source at the Elettra synchrotron, showing good performance in the ability to determine the radiation polarization. Furthermore, as a possible application of the device, Faraday spectroscopy and time-resolved experiments have been performed at the Fe M2,3-edge on an FeGd ferrimagnetic thin film using the FERMI free-electron laser source. The instrument is shown to be able to detect the small angular variation induced by an optical external stimulus on the polarization state of the light after interaction with magnetic thin film, making the device an appealing tool for magnetization dynamics research.
Published in: Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 10.1107/S1600577522004027, International Union of Crystallography