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Synergy Effect of Combining Fluorescence and Mid Infrared Fiber Spectroscopy for Kidney Tumor Diagnostics

Bogomolov, Andrey; Belikova, Valeria; Zabarylo, Urszula; Bibikova, Olga; Usenov, Iskander; Sakharova, Tatiana; Krause, Hans; Minet, Olaf; Feliksberger, Elena; Artyushenko, Viacheslav

Matching pairs of tumor and non-tumor kidney tissue samples of four patients were investigated ex vivo using a combination of two methods, attenuated total reflection mid infrared spectroscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy, through respectively prepared and adjusted fiber probes. In order to increase the data information content, the measurements on tissue samples in both methods were performed in the same 31 preselected positions. Multivariate data analysis revealed a synergic effect of combining the two methods for the diagnostics of kidney tumor compared to individual techniques.
Published in: Sensors, 10.3390/s17112548, MDPI