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Survey and Classification of Business Models for the Energy Transformation

Giehl, Johannes; Göcke, Hayri; Grosse, Benjamin; Kochems, Johannes; Müller-Kirchenbauer, Joachim

The energy transformation is changing the structure of the energy sector in Europe and Germany. In this paper the current structure of the energy sector is analysed both empirically as well as theoretically. Therefore, the authors have developed the business model framework for the energy transformation (BMFE). The framework is a synthesis of classical business model designs. An exhaustive survey of existing business models based on primary data collection and a literature review leads to 638 business models. Finally, 69 prototypical business models of the energy sector are the result of the classification of these business models. The information of the business models within the BMFE is applied to show the growing importance of value creation networks in energy industry. The work represents the current status of the business models in the energy sector.
Published in: Energies, 10.3390/en13112981, MDPI