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Response Characteristics Study of Ethylene Sensor for Fruit Ripening under Temperature Control

Zhang, Xiaoshuan; Li, Yuliang; Hong, Tianyu; Tegeltija, Srdjan; Babić, Mladen; Wang, Xiang; Ostojić, Gordana; Stankovski, Stevan; Marinković, Dragan

Post-ripening fruits need to be ripened to reach edible conditions, as they are not yet mature enough when picked. Ripening technology is based mainly on temperature control and gas regulation, with the proportion of ethylene being one of the key gas regulation parameters. A sensor’s time domain response characteristic curve was obtained through the ethylene monitoring system. The first experiment showed that the sensor has good response speed (maximum of first derivative: 2.01714; minimum of first derivative: −2.01714), stability (xg: 2.42%; trec: 2.05%; Dres: 3.28%), and repeatability (xg: 20.6; trec: 52.4; Dres: 2.31). The second experiment showed that optimal ripening parameters include color, hardness (Change Ⅰ: 88.53%, Change Ⅱ: 75.28%), adhesiveness (Change Ⅰ: 95.29%, Change Ⅱ: 74.72%), and chewiness (Change Ⅰ: 95.18%, Change Ⅱ: 74.25%), verifying the response characteristics of the sensor. This paper proves that the sensor was able to accurately monitor changes in concentration which reflect changes in fruit ripeness, and that the optimal parameters were the ethylene response parameter (Change Ⅰ: 27.78%, Change Ⅱ: 32.53%) and the first derivative parameter (Change Ⅰ: 202.38%, Change Ⅱ: −293.28%). Developing a gas-sensing technology suitable for fruit ripening is of great significance.
Published in: Sensors, 10.3390/s23115203, MDPI