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On the comparison of strain measurements from fibre optics with a dense seismometer array at Etna volcano (Italy)

Currenti, Gilda; Jousset, Philippe; Napoli, Rosalba; Krawczyk, Charlotte; Weber, Michael

We demonstrate the capability of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) to record volcano-related dynamic strain at Etna (Italy). In summer 2019, we gathered DAS measurements from a 1.5 km long fibre in a shallow trench and seismic records from a conventional dense array comprised of 26 broadband sensors that was deployed in Piano delle Concazze close to the summit area. Etna activity during the acquisition period gives the extraordinary opportunity to record dynamic strain changes (∼ 10−8 strain) in correspondence with volcanic events. To validate the DAS strain measurements, we explore array-derived methods to estimate strain changes from the seismic signals and to compare with strain DAS signals. A general good agreement is found between array-derived strain and DAS measurements along the fibre optic cable. Short wavelength discrepancies correspond with fault zones, showing the potential of DAS for mapping local perturbations of the strain field and thus site effect due to small-scale heterogeneities in volcanic settings.
Published in: Solid Earth, 10.5194/se-12-993-2021, Copernicus