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Implementing Process Innovations

The Benefits of Combining Delegative-Participative With Consultative-Advisory Leadership

Krause, Diana E.; Gebert, Diether; Kearney, Eric

Previous research leaves open which facets of leadership foster the implementation of process innovations. In this study, the authors analyze the effects of delegative-participative and consultative-advisory leadership, respectively, on the implementation success of process innovations. They argue that each of these leadership behaviors entails specific advantages and risks and that therefore the two patterns complement each other. The sample consisted of managers from different organizations. Although the posited main effects of both delegative-participative and consultative-advisory leadership are confirmed, the significant interaction between these two leadership styles has a different direction than the authors hypothesized.
Published in: Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 10.1177/1071791907304224, SAGE Publications
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