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Distances of stiffnesses to symmetry classes

Stahn, Oliver; Müller, Wolfgang H.; Bertram, Albrecht

For a given elastic stiffness tetrad an algorithm is provided to determine the distance of this particular tetrad to all tetrads of a prescribed symmetry class. If the particular tetrad already belongs to this class then the distance is zero and the presentation of this tetrad with respect to the symmetry axes can be obtained. If the distance turns out to be positive, the algorithm provides a measure to see how close it is to this symmetry class. Moreover, the closest element of this class to it is also determined. This applies in cases where the tetrad is not ideal due to scattering of its measurement. The algorithm is entirely algebraic and applies to all symmetry classes, although the isotropic and the cubic class need a different treatment from all other classes.
Published in: Journal of Elasticity, 10.1007/s10659-020-09787-4, SpringerNature