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Urban change as an untapped opportunity for climate adaptation

Egerer, Monika; Haase, Dagmar; McPhearson, Timon; Frantzeskaki, Niki; Andersson, Erik; Nagendra, Harini; Ossola, Alessandro

Urban social–ecological–technological systems (SETS) are dynamic and respond to climate pressures. Change involves alterations to land and resource management, social organization, infrastructure, and design. Research often focuses on how climate change impacts urban SETS or on the characteristics of urban SETS that promote climate resilience. Yet passive approaches to urban climate change adaptation may disregard active SETS change by urban residents, planners, and policymakers that could be opportunities for adaptation. Here, we use evidence of urban social, ecological, and technological change to address how SETS change opens windows of opportunity to improve climate change adaptation.
Published in: npj Urban Sustainability, 10.1038/s42949-021-00024-y, Springer Nature