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Adjustable Elasticity of Anatomically Shaped Lattice Bone Scaffold Built by Electron Beam Melting Ti6Al4V Powder

Stojković, Jelena R.; Stojković, Miloš; Turudija, Rajko; Aranđelović, Jovan; Marinkovic, Dragan

This study investigates the elasticity of specific lattice structures made from titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V), namely, anatomically shaped lattice scaffolds (ASLS) aimed for reinforcement of the bone tissue graft that substitute a missing piece of the previously injured bone during its recovery. ASLSs that were used for testing were fabricated using the Electron Beam Melting (EBM) method. The mechanical properties of the ASLS were examined through uniaxial compression tests. Compression testing revealed the complex non-linear behavior of the scaffold structure’s elasticity, with distinct compression stages and deformation dependencies. The ASLS structures exhibited quasi-elastic deformation followed by the rupture of individual struts. Results demonstrate that the ASLSs can be stiffened by applying appropriate compression load and accordingly achieve the target elasticity of the structure for the specific load range. The modulus of elasticity was determined for different compression stages of ASLS, allowing interpolation of the functional relation between the modulus of elasticity and compressive force that is used for stiffening the ASLS. This study enhances the understanding of the mechanical behavior of the specific lattice structures made of Ti6Al4V and provides insights for the development of mechanically optimized anatomically shaped lattice scaffolds.
Published in: Metals, 10.3390/met13091522, MDPI