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Numerical analysis of the geometrical and material criteria of acceleration of shear crack to supershear velocity in brittle nanoporous solids

Shilko, Evgeny V.; Psakhie, Sergey G.; Popov, Valentin L.

The paper is devoted to the study of dynamic propagation of mode II cracks in porous brittle materials with nanoscale pore size. We compared static (shear strength) and dynamic parameters of crack growth in dry and fluid saturated nanoporous brittle materials at different degrees of confinement. We have shown that pore fluid in nanoporous brittle materials influences mainly the dynamics of crack propagation. This leads in particular to pronounced peculiarities of the dependence of the critical value of dimensionless geometrical parameter of the initial crack (it majorizes the interval of the ratios of length to thickness for the cracks that are capable to accelerate to intersonic velocity) on applied crack normal stress. The results of the study are relevant for understanding the conditions of supershear regime of propagation of mode II cracks as well as for assessment of the ability of mode II cracks in brittle materials (including nanoporous fluid-saturated solids) to develop in supershear regime.
Published in: Procedia Structural Integrity, 10.1016/j.prostr.2016.06.053, Elsevier