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Detailed design of a high speed switched reluctance starter/generator for more/all electric aircraft

Shoujun, Song; Weiguo, Liu; Peitsch, Dieter; Schäfer, Uwe

The basic concepts and advantages of more/all electric aircraft (M/AEA) are briefly addressed. The combined starter/generator (CS/G) system is introduced as a key technology to enable M/AEA. Some important performance requirements for CS/G system are obtained. Based on these requirements, a high speed switched reluctance machine (SRM) is designed to operate as a starter/generator. The entire design process is mainly divided into two stages: electromagnetic design and thermal design. In electromagnetic design stage, the electromagnetic structure and dimensions of the machine and the number of phase winding turns per pole are obtained; the topology and main technical details of the converter are briefly introduced as well. In thermal design stage, a liquid-cooling system is designed based on the thermal analysis of the machine. In the end, the performances of the designed SRM are basically verified by simulation. To get high performances, the exciting angles are optimized in two different operating modes respectively, and the optimized performances in the motoring mode are given as well.
Published in: Chinese journal of aeronautics, 10.1016/S1000-9361(09)60208-9, Elsevier