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Humans and automated decision aids: A match made in heaven?

Mosier, Kathleen L.; Manzey, Dietrich

This chapter particularly focuses on the performance consequences of decision support systems (DSSs) with a particular emphasis on the issue of automation bias as demonstrated in research across many domains. We examine the factors that impact automation bias including operator characteristics such as trust in the system, level of perceived accountability, system characteristics such as reliability, transparency, and understandability, the level and degree of automation involved, and the characteristics of the task-context including time pressure, consequences of errors, workload, or working in redundant work teams. We also discuss the challenge of balancing the pros and cons of using automation as a heuristic in decision making as well as current trends and future advances in automated system.
Published in: Human performance in automated and autonomous systems, 10.1201/9780429458330, Taylor & Francis