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Laser-Microstructured Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes for Integration of a Disposable Biochip

Zamora, Vanessa; Marx, Sebastian; Arndt-Staufenbiel, Norbert; Janeczka, Christian; Havlik, George; Queisser, Marco; Schröder, Henning

Laser-microstructured double-sided biocompatible adhesive tapes as intermediated bonding layers are potential candidates for hybrid integration of a disposable biochip. In the EU-PHOCNOSIS project, such thin adhesive tapes are proposed to integrate the polymer microfluidic system with the optical sensor chip. Three laser-assisted structuring methods are investigated to efficiently transfer microchannel patterns to the adhesive tape at room temperature. The test structure design consists of a single channel with 400 µm wide, 30 mm length and two circular receivers with 2 mm radius. The best structuring results are found by using a UV picosecond laser.
Published in: Proceedings, 10.3390/proceedings1040606, MDPI