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Improving the parallelization efficiency of HEVC decoding

Chi, Chi Ching; Álvarez-Mesa, Mauricio; Juurlink, Ben; George, Valeri; Schierl, Thomas

In this paper we present a new parallelization approach for HEVC decoding called Overlapped Wavefront (OWF). It is based on wavefront processing and improves its parallelization efficiency by allowing overlapped execution of consecutive pictures. Furthermore, in this strategy of the decoding steps are performed on a CTB basis rather than on a picture basis, which improves data locality. Our implementation achieves between 29.6%, 42.4%, and 66.6% higher frame rates compared to previous results and 11.3%, 21.0%, and 38.0% higher frame rates compared to Tiles, for 2160p, 1600p, and 1080p, respectively.
Published in: 2012 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing : ICIP, 10.1109/ICIP.2012.6466833, IEEE