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2022 Roadmap on integrated quantum photonics

Moody, Galan; Sorger, Volker J.; Blumenthal, Daniel J.; Juodawlkis, Paul W.; Loh, William; Sorace-Agaskar, Cheryl; Jones, Alex E.; Balram, Krishna C.; Matthews, Jonathan C. F.; Laing, Anthony; Davanco, Marcelo; Chang, Lin; Bowers, John E.; Quack, Niels; Galland, Christophe; Aharonovich, Igor; Wolff, Martin A.; Schuck, Carsten; Sinclair, Neil; Lončar, Marko; Komljenovic, Tin; Weld, David; Mookherjea, Shayan; Buckley, Sonia; Radulaski, Marina; Reitzenstein, Stephan; Pingault, Benjamin; Machielse, Bartholomeus; Mukhopadhyay, Debsuvra; Akimov, Alexey; Zheltikov, Aleksei; Agarwal, Girish S.; Srinivasan, Kartik; Lu, Juanjuan; Tang, Hong X.; Jiang, Wentao; McKenna, Timothy P.; Safavi-Naeini, Amir H.; Steinhauer, Stephan; Elshaari, Ali W.; Zwiller, Val; Davids, Paul S.; Martinez, Nicholas; Gehl, Michael; Chiaverini, John; Mehta, Karan K.; Romero, Jacquiline; Lingaraju, Navin B.; Weiner, Andrew M.; Peace, Daniel; Cernansky, Robert; Lobino, Mirko; Diamanti, Eleni; Vidarte, Luis Trigo; Camacho, Ryan M.

AbstractIntegrated photonics will play a key role in quantum systems as they grow from few-qubit prototypes to tens of thousands of qubits. The underlying optical quantum technologies can only be realized through the integration of these components onto quantum photonic integrated circuits (QPICs) with accompanying electronics. In the last decade, remarkable advances in quantum photonic integration have enabled table-top experiments to be scaled down to prototype chips with improvements in efficiency, robustness, and key performance metrics. These advances have enabled integrated quantum photonic technologies combining up to 650 optical and electrical components onto a single chip that are capable of programmable quantum information processing, chip-to-chip networking, hybrid quantum system integration, and high-speed communications. In this roadmap article, we highlight the status, current and future challenges, and emerging technologies in several key research areas in integrated quantum photonics, including photonic platforms, quantum and classical light sources, quantum frequency conversion, integrated detectors, and applications in computing, communications, and sensing. With advances in materials, photonic design architectures, fabrication and integration processes, packaging, and testing and benchmarking, in the next decade we can expect a transition from single- and few-function prototypes to large-scale integration of multi-functional and reconfigurable devices that will have a transformative impact on quantum information science and engineering.
Published in: Journal of Physics: Photonics, 10.1088/2515-7647/ac1ef4, IOP