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Simulation Based Approach for High-Throughput Stacking Processes in Battery Production

Müller, Alexander; Aydemir, Muhammed; von Boeselager, Christina; van Ohlen, Nils; Rahlfs, Sina; Leithoff, Ruben; Dröder, Klaus; Dietrich, Franz

What are the benefits of simulation-driven design and optimization of stacking processes in battery cell production? This question is addressed within the scope of the paper. This work proposes a method to reduce the effort for model-based design and optimization. Based on three case studies which originate from the development of high-speed stacking processes, this paper illustrates how the relevant loads on the intermediate products are determined with the help of the method. Subsequently, it is shown how the specific material models for battery electrodes and separators are identified, created and validated, as well as how process models are created and process limits are identified and optimized. It was possible to prove how process simulations can be used to minimize the effort required to validate developments and to efficiently determine optimized process parameters for a format and material change in a model-based manner. Consequently, more and more model-based processes should be taken into account during development and start-up in the future.
Published in: Processes, 10.3390/pr9111993, MDPI