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X-Ray Diffraction Studies on Alicyclic Saturated Discotic Liquid Crystals

Neuling, H. W.; Stegemeyer, H.; Praefcke, K.; Kohne, B.

The discotic liquid crystalline phase of a new class of disc-like molecules (hexa-O-alkanoylscyllo- inositoles) is studied by small angle X-ray scattering, DSC and optical observations. Comparison of these three methods allows the determination of the structural arrangement. X-ray film exposures of oriented samples clearly demonstrate the hexagonal columnar ordered type of mesophases. A simple model calculation shows that the alkyl chains of neighbouring columns interpenetrate each other to a small extent.
Published in: Zeitschrift fĂĽr Naturforschung A, 10.1515/zna-1987-0619, De Gruyter