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Transient sub-nanosecond soft X-ray NEXAFS spectroscopy on organic thin films

Jonas, Adrian; Dammer, Katharina; Stiel, Holger; Kanngiesser, Birgit; Sánchez-de-Armas, Rocío; Mantouvalou, Ioanna

We demonstrate visible pump soft X-ray probe near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) spectroscopy measurements at the carbon K edge on thin molecular films in the laboratory. This opens new opportunities through the use of laboratory equipment for chemical speciation. We investigate the metal-free porphyrin derivative tetra(tert-butyl)porphyrazine as an ideal model system to elucidate electronic properties of tetrapyrroles like chlorophyll or heme. In contrast to measurements in gas or liquid state, the investigation of thin films is of high interest in the field of optoelectronic and photovoltaic devices though challenging due to the low damage thresholds of the samples upon excitation. With a careful pre-characterization using optical techniques, successful measurements were performed using a NEXAFS spectrometer based on a laser-produced plasma source and reflection zone plates with a resolving power of 1000 and a time resolution of 0.5 ns. In combination with density functional theory calculations, first insights into a long-lived excitonic state are gained and discussed.
Published in: Analytical Chemistry, 10.1021/acs.analchem.0c03845, American Chemical Society