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A counterview to Lancet’s Editorial “India's COVID-19 emergency”, published on May 8, 2021

Sethi, Mahendra

Recently, Lancet published an editorial, “India's COVID-19 emergency”. An editorial is entitled to be opinionated, but it is expected to be based on nuanced analysis of scientific facts than merely towing to a popular media narrative. Having been tracking COVID-19 in urban centres and being on ground zero during India’s intra-wave period, I notice several inaccuracies and inconsistencies here. My article is based on additional facts and spatio-temporal assessment of COVID-19 unfolding in India to offer counter arguments on five key assertions in the Lancet’s editorial, namely (1) The myth about repeated warnings of the second wave, (2) the Superspreader event theory (3) Lethality and genomic coding of the second wave variant, (4) Government’s complacency and ill preparedness, and (5) Claims of under-reporting of deaths. I would encourage the readers to themselves read, fact-check claims and counterclaims to form an informed opinion.