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Control of secondary flow structures on a highly loaded compressor cascade

Zander, Vincent; Nitsche, W.

This paper presents detailed flow-field measurements for a compressor cascade equipped with synthetic jet actuators for active flow control. The synthetic jets are mounted on the cascade sidewall and the suction side surface of the blade to reduce the total pressure loss caused by strong secondary flow structures developing in the passage. There are certain articles reporting that synthetic jets are well suited for flow control applications even in axial compressors and cascades. Most of them are focused on the parameter variation to optimize the efficiency of the control approach, still very little is known on the interaction of the synthetic jet actuators with the flow field. Detailed x-wire and pressure measurements were conducted to understand how synthetic jets influence the flow field and what causes the significant loss reduction in the cascade wake. It seems that the added momentum is not the key parameter for flow control with synthetic jets. In fact, the high mixing and the unsteadiness of the jets seem to amplify existing velocity fluctuations in the flow field. These increased fluctuations result in a shift of the shear layer between the flow separation and the surrounding flow, and thus in a dethrottling of the compressor cascade. Together with the increased mixing, loss reductions of approximately 10% can be reached using synthetic jet actuators.
Published in: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy, 10.1177/0957650913495538, SAGE Publications
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