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Improving climate resilience: Reduced-order mechanical modelling of a temperature-adaptable sun protection facade system

Ou, Yating; Schneider, Maxie; Hückler, Alex; Köllner, Anton; Völlmecke, Christina

Analytical models to describe the mechanical behaviour of an adaptive sun protection facade system (Adaptex) are presented. First, a one-dimensional (1D) rigid link model is developed. Stretching and bending deformation of textile bands are represented with the aid of extensional and rotational springs respectively. The model is described by two generalized coordinates only. The second analytical model employs a continuous description based on the Kirchhoff plate theory. The Rayleigh–Ritz method is applied to analyse the deformation behaviour of the textile bands. In comparison with the experimental results, it can be found that the continuous model simulates the real deformation of the facade system, thus its morphological behaviour, very effectively. The results of a parametric study indicate that the stiffness of the textile bands, the geometric dimensions and the position of load application have significant effects on the deformation behaviour.
Published in: Composites and Advanced Materials, 10.1177/26349833221144058, SAGE Publishing