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Sustainability in Model-based Planning and Control of Global Value Creation Networks

Oertwig, Nicole; Jochem, Roland; Knothe, Thomas

Manufacturing companies are affected by an increasing complexity driven thru fast changing requirements in the global market. To meet the large catalogue of requirements, enterprises are forming global value creation networks and provide services jointly. The existing time pressure and the involvement of many stakeholders results in a demand of methods and tools for a quick configuration of such networks. Beside the management of material, information and money flows the quest of a sustainable corporate development poses a further challenge for the decision makers. The consideration of sustainability in business process management is one approach to take also social, economic and environmental aspects within global value creation networks into account. Reviewing existing modelling techniques shows that the requirements for a fast configuration and an adequate management of sustainability are just insufficiently addressed or are raising the complexity further. This paper will explore capabilities of an enterprise modelling technique which supports an integrated handling of network configuration and sustainability management in a fast and efficient manner.
Published in: Procedia Manufacturing, 10.1016/j.promfg.2017.02.023, Elsevier