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X-ray Based Visualization of the Electrolyte Filling Process of Lithium Ion Batteries

Schilling, Antje; Gümbel, Philip; Möller, Markus; Kalkan, Fatih; Dietrich, Franz; Dröder, Klaus

The electrolyte filling process constitutes the interface between cell assembly and formation of lithium ion batteries. Electrolyte filling is known as a quality critical and also time consuming process step. To avoid limitations in battery quality a homogeneous electrolyte distribution is necessary. Therefore, especially large sized cells are stored for hours. To accelerate filling and wetting processes the effect of materials- and process parameters on electrolyte distribution needs to be investigated. Unfortunately, in situ methods to characterize the filling and wetting state are still rare, limited in availability or even time-consuming in preparation. To overcome these drawbacks this paper introduces X-ray as an innovative method to visualize the electrolyte filling process in large scaled lithium ion batteries. Therefore, an experimental setup was developed to enable in situ X-ray measurements during the filling process of large scaled cells. Additionally, an evaluation process for the optical data was proposed. Based on these images the suitability of X-ray as visualization method is shown considering three exemplary filling parameters.
Published in: Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 10.1149/2.0251903jes, IOP