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Bis‐ and Tris‐norbornadienes with High Energy Densities for Efficient Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage

Schulte, Robin; Afflerbach, Sandra; Paululat, Thomas; Ihmels, Heiko

Molecular solar thermal energy storage (MOST) systems can convert, store and release solar energy in chemical bonds, i.e., as chemical energy. In this work, phenyl- and naphthyl-linked bis- and tris-norbornadienes are presented as promising MOST systems with very high energy densities. The substrates were synthesized by Suzuki–Miyaura coupling reactions and their absorption properties and characteristic parameters for MOST applications were investigated. The norbornadiene derivatives showed absorption onsets of up to 386 nm and photoisomerization quantum yields of 56 % per photoisomerization event. The resulting quadricyclane products have half-lifes up to 14 d and very high energy densities of up to 734 kJ/kg. Overall, these norbornadienes fulfill necessary criteria for an optimal MOST system and are, therefore, a highly promising basis for the development of materials for efficient solar energy conversion and storage.
Published in: Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 10.1002/anie.202309544, Wiley