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Geological 3-D model as 3-D PDF and mve files

Ziesch, Jennifer

The 3-D PDF shows the 3-D model, including all interpreted stratigraphic horizons and faults as triangulated surfaces. To activate the 3-D PDF, the user has to click once in the black background and wait. After a few seconds it should be possible to get a 360° view around the 3-D model and to toggle horizons/faults/wells on and off. In a standard PDF viewer it is possible to create custom 2-D sections along X, Y or Z axes through the 3-D model. Due to technical issues it is not possible to convert a 3-D PDF into a 3-D PDf with PDF/A standard. The zip folder "Move_projects" contains different .mve files that were used for the retro-deformation of the geological 3-D model. Every single decompaction and restoration step was saved as extra .mve file.