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Benchmarking minimum passenger waiting time in online taxi dispatching with exact offline optimization methods

Maciejewski, Michał

This paper analyses the use of exact offline optimization methods for benchmarking online taxi dispatching strategies where the objective is to minimize the total passenger waiting time. First, a general framework for simulating dynamic transport services in MATSim (Multi-Agent Transport Simulation) is described. Next, the model of online taxi dispatching is defined, followed by a formulation of the offline problem as a mixed integer programming problem. Three benchmarks based on the offline problem are presented and compared to two simple heuristic strategies and a hypothetical simulation with teleportation of idle taxis. The benchmarks are evaluated and compared using the simulation scenario of taxi services in the city of Mielec. The obtained (approximate) lower and upper bounds for the minimum total passenger waiting time indicate directions for further research.
Published in: Archives of transport, 10.5604/08669546.1146978, Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee of Transport Design