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Abstracts of the Second Urban Sound Symposium

Botteldooren, Dick; Van Renterghem, Timothy; Guastavino, Catherine; Can, Arnaud; Fiebig, André; Wunderli, Jean-Marc; Kang, Jian; Aletta, Francesco

Following the successful first Urban Sound Symposium held at Ghent University in 2019, the second edition in 2021 had to face the challenges of the pandemic. The symposium turned this challenge into an opportunity for giving easier access to practitioners and experts from around the globe who are confronted with urban sound in their professional activities. It was organized simultaneously in Ghent, Montreal, Nantes, Zurich, London and Berlin by researchers at Ghent University, Mc Gill University, Université Gustave Eiffel, EMPA, University College London and TU Berlin. The online event created opportunities for interaction between participants at poster-booths, virtual coffee tables, and included social activities.
Published in: Proceedings, 10.3390/proceedings2021072004, MDPI