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A performance and consumer‐based lifespan evaluation for T‐shirt Eco‐design

Benkirane, Romain; Thomassey, Sébastien; Koehl, Ludovic; Perwuelz, Anne

Increasing clothing longevity is recognized as a promising lever to help in reducing apparelsector’s environmental impacts. However, longevity evaluation of textile products remains complex and so tracking of longevity factors is needed. Current researches mainly focused on garment design to increase lifespan. Since, no researches involving fabric quality, raw material and technical performances were carried out in this sector, we defined a methodology to address the lack of performances-based approach to help in evaluating clothing longevity. We defined the consumer-oriented quality (COQ) score. Since it relies on both the consumer and the product knowledge it could be used as a normative duration index. Indeed it takes into account relative importance of material damage that lead to disposal, and products performances (i.e. their ability to withstand these damage). To assess COQ score‘s appropriateness as a lifespan index, products were truly aged through a wash and care procedure and were evaluated by a non-trained panel to determine whether or not they were still usable.
Published in: PLATE – Product lifetimes and the environment : 3rd PLATE Conference, September 18–20, 2019 Berlin, Germany, Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin
Published by ISBN 978-3-7983-3125-9