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The Future of Marine Spatial Planning—Perspectives from Early Career Researchers

von Thenen, Miriam; Armoškaitė, Aurelija; Cordero-Penín, Víctor; García-Morales, Sara; Gottschalk, Josefine B.; Gutierrez, Débora; Ripken, Malena; Thoya, Pascal; Schiele, Kerstin S.

In early 2021, the Erasmus+ knowledge flows partnership organised a session to discuss the future of marine spatial planning (MSP) at an international conference. We, a group of nine early career researchers, came together after the conference to continue the discussion: which topics should be considered in future MSP, what are the challenges, and which solutions are there to overcome these challenges? This communication shall raise awareness of the topics of climate change, ecological sustainability, blue justice, ecosystem services, and blue governance, which we identified as important for future MSP endeavours. We show the interconnectedness of the topics and argue that transdisciplinary education is required to contribute to a common understanding of MSP, which adopts an ecosystem-based approach, ensures equitable distribution of benefits, and secures ecologically sustainable development within an adaptive governance framework.
Published in: Sustainability, 10.3390/su132413879, MDPI