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Database: Recordings of a Loudspeaker Orchestra with Multi-Channel Microphone Arrays for the Evaluation of Spatial Audio Method

Ackermann, David; Domann, Julian; Brinkmann, Fabian; Arend, Johannes M.; Weinzierl, Stefan

For a comparative physical and perceptual evaluation of conceptually different binaural rendering techniques, recordings are needed in which all other factors affecting the sound, such as the sound radiation of the sources, the room acoustic environment and the recording position are kept constant. To provide such a recording, the sound field of an 18-channel loudspeaker orchestra fed by anechoic recordings of a chamber orchestra was captured in two rooms with nine different receivers. In addition, impulse responses were recorded for each sound source and receiver. The anechoic audio signals, the full loudspeaker orchestra recordings and all measured impulse responses are available with open access in the SOFA 2.1 (AES69-2022) format.

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2023-01-25 14:55:11
Fixed metadata 'ReceiverPosition' in Listener 6 (Zylia ZM-1)
2023-01-10 08:11:13
Update metadata to SOFA v2.1
2022-12-15 07:38:41