Recent Submissions

Recent Submissions
Post-rural urbanization in China

Huang, Huang (2019)

Spatio-temporal analysis of landslide hazard in southern Kyrgyzstan Using GIS and remote sensing data

Golovko, Darya (2019)

Modelling and integrating personality as affective phenomenon in agent-based systems

Ahrndt, Sebastian (2019)

Protestforschung zwischen allen Stühlen

Ullrich, Peter (2019-03-13)

Studying protein-cofactor complexes: a combined experimental and theoretical approach

Salewski, Johannes (2019)

BRAS - Benchmark for Room Acoustical Simulation

Aspöck, Lukas; Brinkmann, Fabian; Ackermann, David; Weinzierl, Stefan; Vorländer, Michael (2019-05-15)

Spatially explicit assessment of recreational ecosystem services

Schägner, Jan Philipp (2019)

Evaluation and improvement of energy management in industrial baking ovens

Jado, Ahmed Hamdy Kamel Abdelsalam (2019)

Theoretical Models and Specific Communication Situations in Projects

Pelikan, Kristina; Roelcke, Thorsten (2017)

Projektsprachengliederung – systematische Analyse eines fachkommunikativen Einzelfalles

Pelikan, Kristina (2016)

The HUTUBS head-related transfer function (HRTF) database

Fabian, Brinkmann; Manoj, Dinakaran; Robert, Pelzer; Jan Joschka, Wohlgemuth; Fabian, Seipel; Daniel, Voss; Peter, Grosche; Stefan, Weinzierl (2019)

Computational Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Library Design for Photocaged Tyrosine

Baumann, Tobias; Hauf, Matthias; Richter, Florian; Albers, Suki; Möglich, Andreas; Ignatova, Zoya; Budisa, Nediljko (2019-05-11)

The assessment of hydrological impacts of climate change and their implications for water management across scales

Lobanova, Anastasia (2019)

Numerical study of the hydraulic excavator overturning stability during performing lifting operations

Mitrev, Rosen; Marinković, Dragan (2019-05-02)

In-Cell Synthesis of Bioorthogonal Alkene Tag S-Allyl-Homocysteine and Its Coupling with Reprogrammed Translation

Nojoumi, Saba; Ma, Ying; Schwagerus, Sergej; Hackenberger, Christian P. R.; Budisa, Nediljko (2019-05-09)

Should autonomous shared taxis replace buses? A simulation study

Leich, Gregor; Bischoff, Joschka (2018)

Emulating the early phases of human tooth development in vitro

Rosowski, Jennifer; Bräunig, Julia; Amler, Anna-Klara; Strietzel, Frank P.; Lauster, Roland; Rosowski, Mark (2019-05-07)

Urbanisation modulates plant-pollinator interactions in invasive vs. native plant species

Buchholz, Sascha; Kowarik, Ingo (2019-04-23)

3-Iodothyronamine and its role in aminergic G-protein coupled receptor signaling and neuromodulation

Bräunig, Julia (2019)

Investigations on zinc resorption using in vitro intestinal models

Maares, Maria Henrietta (2019)