Recent Submissions

Recent Submissions
Decision making in structural engineering problems under polymorphic uncertainty

Petryna, Yuri; Drieschner, Martin (2019-02-22)

Parameterization of arbitrary hole shapes using non-destructive testing and resulting stress concentration in a 2D plate with finite dimensions

Drieschner, Martin; Petryna, Yuri; Eichner, Lukas (2019-02-21)

Acquisition of polymorphic uncertain data based on computer tomographic scans and integration in numerical models of adhesive bonds

Drieschner, Martin; Petryna, Yuri (2019-02-21)

Physician decision making on new technologies and the role of coverage with evidence development

Felgner, Susanne; Ex, Patricia; Henschke, Cornelia (2018)

Rechtsprechungen zur Kostenerstattung von neuen Gesundheitstechnologien in der GKV: Eine systematische Übersicht

Ex, Patricia; Felgner, Susanne; Henschke, Cornelia (2018)

Die Nutzenbewertung von nichtmedikamentösen Untersuchungs- und Behandlungsmethoden

Ex, Patricia; Busse, Reinhard; Henschke, Cornelia (2016)

MATSim-T : Architecture and Simulation Times

Balmer, Michael; Rieser, Marcel; Meister, Konrad; Charypar, David; Lefebvre, Nicolas; Nagel, Kai (2009)

Electric Taxis in Berlin – Analysis of the Feasibility of a Large-Scale Transition

Bischoff, Joschka; Maciejewski, Michał (2016)

User-specific and Dynamic Internalization of Road Traffic Noise Exposures

Kaddoura, Ihab; Kröger, Lars; Nagel, Kai (2016)

Modelling Backward Travelling Holes in Mixed Traffic Conditions Using an Agent Based Simulation

Agarwal, Amit; Lämmel, Gregor; Nagel, Kai (2016)

Simultaneous internalization of traffic congestion and noise exposure costs

Kaddoura, Ihab; Nagel, Kai (2017)

Software Architecture for a Transparent and Versatile Traffic Simulation

Zilske, Michael; Nagel, Kai (2017)

Accessibility in a Post-Apartheid City: Comparison of Two Approaches for Accessibility Computations

Ziemke, Dominik; Joubert, Johan W.; Nagel, Kai (2017)

Towards a Testbed for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Algorithms

Maciejewski, Michał; Bischoff, Joschka; Hörl, Sebastian; Nagel, Kai (2017)

Perspectives and ambitions of interdisciplinary connectivity researchers

Paton, Eva Nora; Smetanová, Anna; Krueger, Tobias; Parsons, Anthony (2019-01-29)

Spillover effects of sustainable consumption: combining identity process theory and theories of practice

Frezza, Marcia; Whitmarsh, Lorraine; Schäfer, Martina; Schrader, Ulf (2019-02-19)

Control of Chimera States in Multilayer Networks

Omelchenko, Iryna; Hülser, Tobias; Zakharova, Anna; Schöll, Eckehard (2019-01-30)

Micro-Patterning of PEG-Based Hydrogels With Gold Nanoparticles Using a Reactive Micro-Contact-Printing Approach

Yesildag, Cigdem; Ouyang, Zhaofei; Zhang, Zhenfang; Lensen, Marga C. (2019-01-17)

Crystallisation Phenomena of In2O3:H Films

Muydinov, Ruslan; Steigert, Alexander; Wollgarten, Markus; Michałowski, Paweł Piotr; Bloeck, Ulrike; Pflug, Andreas; Erfurt, Darja; Klenk, Reiner; Körner, Stefan; Lauermann, Iver; Szyszka, Bernd (2019-01-15)

Alternative Biochemistries for Alien Life: Basic Concepts and Requirements for the Design of a Robust Biocontainment System in Genetic Isolation

Diwo, Christian; Budisa, Nediljko (2018-12-28)