Recent Submissions

Recent Submissions
Benchmarking dataflow systems for scalable machine learning

Boden, Christoph (2018)

Phthalocyanine-fullerene dyads and DNA interstrand cross-linking on surface

Véliz Montes, Cinthya Yamila (2018)

Studies on the Biosynthesis of γ–Decalactone in Sporobolomyces odorus

Albrecht, Wolfgang; Tressl, Roland (1990)

The Viscosity Coefficients of Biaxial-Nematic Liquid Crystals. Phenomenology and Affine Transformation Model

Baalss, Dieter (1990)

Studies on Herbicide Binding in Photosystem II Membrane Fragments from Spinach

Fromme, R.; Renger, G. (1990)

Test von FDDI-Systemen auf Standardkonformität und Interoperabilität im EANTC

Almus, Herbert (1992)

The Flash Pattern of Photosynthetic Oxygen Evolution after Treatment with Low Concentrations of Hydroxylamine as a Function of the Previous S1/S0-Ratio Further Evidence that NH2OH Reduces the Water Oxidizing Complex in the Dark

Messinger, J.; Pauly, S.; Witt, H. T. (1991)

Static and Dynamic Properties of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals in the Vicinity of a First-Order SmA-SmC* Phase Transition

Netz, Roland R.; Hess, Siegfried (1992)

Effect of Tentoxin on the Activation and on the Catalytic Reaction of Reconstituted H+-ATPase from Chloroplasts

Fromme, Petra; Dahse, Ingo; Gräber, Peter (1992)

1-[4-{1,1′,1″,1‴,1′′′′-(1,3-Cyclopentadien-1,2,3,4,5-pentayl)pentakis}]-(4,1-phenylen)-alkanone und -benzoesäure pentaalkylester und deren Natrium- und Thallium(I)-Komplexe

Schumann, Herbert; Kucht, Homa; Kucht, Andreas (1992)

Photosystem II: Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Electron Transport from QA- to QB(QB- ) and Deleterious Effects of Copper(II)

Renger, G.; Gleiter, H. M.; Haag, E.; Reifarth, F. (1993)

X-Ray Structural Analysis and Vibrational Spectra of Sodium Cysteine-S-sulfonate, +H3NCH(COO-)CH2S2O3Na • 3/2H2O [1]

Steudel, Ralf; Albertsen, Angela; Kustos, Monika; Pickardt, Joachim (1993)

The Bishydridobis(tetrazol-1-yl)borate Anion, [H2B(CHN4)2]-: Synthesis and Structure of the First Tetrazolylborate

Janiak, Christoph; Esser, Lothar (1993)

Metallkomplexe mit 1,4,7-Trithiacyclononan: Kristallstrukturen von [CdI2 · C6H12S3]2 und [Hg(C6H12S3)2](HgI3)2

Pickardt, Joachim; Shen, Jing (1993)

Kristallstruktur des „supramolekularen“ Silber(I)thiocyanat-Cyclam-Komplexes [Ag(SCN)·(C10H24N4)1/2]

Pickardt, Joachim; Shen, Jing (1994)

Kristallstruktur des „supramolekularen“ Quecksilber(II)chlorid-thiocyanat- Hexamethylentetramin-Addukts Hg(SCN)2 · 2HgCl2 · 2C6H12N4

Pickardt, Joachim; Gong, Gill-Taik; Röleke, Dietmar (1994)

Kristallstruktur zweier Zinkthiocyanat-Hexamethylentetramin-Addukte, Zn(SCN)2 · (C6H12N4)2 und {Zn(SCN)2 · C6H12N4 · 2H2O}n, mit unterschiedlich koordinierten Zinkionen

Pickardt, Joachim; Gong, Gill-Taik; Wischnack, Sabine; Steinkopff, Christina (1994)

Kristallstrukturen der [2.2.2]Cryptate [Cd(cryptand 222)][CdCl4] und [Hg(cryptand 222)][Hg2Cl6] mit achtfach koordinierten Metallionen

Pickardt, Joachim; Kühn, Britta (1994)

Mößbauer-Untersuchung ferrimagnetischer Spinelle des Systems CdϰNi1-ϰFe2O4

Riedel, E.; Prick, D.; Wolska, E. (1994)

Binuclear Manganese(III) Complexes as Electron Donors in D1/D2/Cytochrome b559 Preparations Isolated from Spinach Photosystem II Membrane Fragments

Allakhverdiev, S. I.; Karacan, M. S.; Somer, G.; Karacan, N.; Khan, E. M.; Rane, S. Y.; Padhye, S.; Klimov, V. V.; Renger, G. (1994)