Recent Submissions

Recent Submissions
Monitoring of the single-cell morphology for the evaluation of microbial eukaryotic bioprocesses

Marbà Ardébol, Anna Maria (2018)

Application-Specific Cache and Prefetching for HEVC CABAC Decoding

Habermann, Philipp; Chi, Chi Ching; Álvarez-Mesa, Mauricio; Juurlink, Ben (2017)

Dynamic resource allocation for distributed dataflows

Thamsen, Lauritz (2018)

Distortion in microwave class-S power amplifiers

AL-Mozani, Dhamia (2018)

E²MC: Entropy Encoding Based Memory Compression for GPUs

Lal, Sohan; Lucas, Jan; Juurlink, Ben (2017)

Terahertz quantum-cascade lasers for spectroscopic applications

Röben, Benjamin Malte (2018)

Functional regression of densities with application to the simulation of molecular dynamics

Brockherde, Felix (2018)

Prinzipien der Architekturdarstellung : die Verwendung der Orthogonalprojektion in Palladios »I quattro libri dell' architettura« (1570).

Valdivia Steel, Lorena Cristina (2018)

An ALE method for penetration into sand utilizing optimization-based mesh motion

Aubram, Daniel; Rackwitz, Frank; Wriggers, Peter; Savidis, Stavros A. (2015)

The Development of the German Railroad System

Heinze, G. Wolfgang; Kill, Heinrich H. (1988)

A comparison of different seismological and geotechnical parameters for site characterization

Boxberger, Tobias (2018)

3 Essays on art ecommerce in the light of western commercial art markets

Bayer, Katharina (2018)

Projektbericht. Partizipation mainstreamen

Ullrich, Peter (2014)

Nursing skill mix in European hospitals: cross-sectional study of the association with mortality, patient ratings, and quality of care

Aiken, Linda H.; Sloane, Douglas; Griffiths, Peter; Rafferty, Anne Marie; Bruyneel, Luk; McHugh, Matthew; Maier, Claudia B.; Moreno-Casbas, Teresa; Ball, Jane E.; Ausserhofer, Dietmar; Sermeus, Walter (2016)

Investigation of hybrid organic-inorganic lead halide perovskites by modulated surface photovoltage spectroscopy

Omondi, Celline Awino (2018)

Large-scale approximate EM-style learning and inference in generative graphical models for sparse coding

Shelton, Jacquelyn Ann (2018)

Data processing on heterogeneous hardware

Heimel, Max (2018)

Speciation of molybdenum- and vanadium-based polyoxometalate species in aqueous medium and gas-phase and its consequences for M1 structured MoV oxide synthesis

Jung, Sabrina (2018)

Strategische Lösungen für einen Stadtverkehr in der Zukunft. Perspektiven für den öffentlichen und den Individual-Verkehr

Heinze, G. Wolfgang; Kill, Heinrich H. (1987)

Prototyping nfv-based multi-access edge computing in 5G ready networks with open baton

Carella, Giuseppe Antonio; Pauls, Michael; Magedanz, Thomas; Cilloni, Marco; Bellavista, Paolo; Foschini, Luca (2017)