Recent Submissions

Recent Submissions
Methodische Entwicklung und Bewertung von Elektrifizierungskonzepten für innerstädtische Nutzfahrzeuge

Gräbener, Sven (2017)

Direct and indirect climate change impacts in the land-use sector

Stevanović, Miodrag (2017)

Identifier Gold Standard for NTCIR 11 Math Wikipedia Dataset

Schubotz, Moritz (2016-07-18)

Soft robotic hands for compliant grasping

Deimel, Raphael (2017)

Balancing reserve provision in a decarbonized electricity sector

Lorenz, Claudio Casimir Lucas (2017)

On the response of a generic swirl flame to transverse planar acoustics

Saurabh, Aditya (2017)

Layered and composite biopolymers: mechanical, physical and antimicrobial properties

Kaygusuz, Hakan (2017)

Application of one-way laser ranging data to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) for time transfer, clock characterization and orbit determination

Bauer, Sven (2017)

Application of Gaussian graphical models to derive dietary intake networks and association of the identified networks with risk of major chronic diseases in European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Potsdam Cohort

Iqbal, Khalid (2017)

Impacts of fast water infiltration in fault zones and water extraction on land subsidence

Martinez Noguez, Abraham Isaac (2017)

Changes of valence state and local structure in anode materials for lithium-ion batteries by X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Zhou, Dong (2017)

On decomposability in robot reinforcement learning

Höfer, Sebastian (2017)

Decoding implicit information from the electroencephalogram with methods from brain-computer interfacing

Wenzel, Markus (2017)

The induction and function of the transcription factor c-myc in macrophages during pneumococcal pneumonia and legionellosis

Kabus, Christin Sophia (2017)

Dynamic hedging in illiquid financial markets

Voß, Moritz (2017)

Periodic lateral polar structure-based waveguides in III-nitrides for quasi-phase matched second harmonic generation

Alden Angeles, Dorian Eduardo (2017)

Contribution to the development of technology-enhanced education in manufacturing and energy generation

Palacios Neffke, Jens C. (2017)

A secure system architecture for measuring instruments under legal control

Peters, Daniel (2017)

Reflexively engaging with technologies of participation: constructive assessment for public participation methods

Voß, Jan-Peter (2015-11)

Innovating public participation methods: technoscientization and reflexive engagement

Voß, Jan-Peter; Amelung, Nina (2016)