Recent Submissions

Recent Submissions
Supporting domain modeling with automated knowledge acquisition and modeling recommendations

Agt-Rickauer, Henning
2020, Doctoral Thesis

Contacts With Negative Work of “Adhesion” and Superlubricity

Popov, Valentin L.
2020, Article

Theoretical studies for the development of a better understanding of cofactor-structure and mechanistic properties of photoreceptors and metallo-enzymes with quantum chemical and molecular dynamical approaches

Belger, Dennis Heinz
2020, Doctoral Thesis

Electrification of Urban Freight Transport – a Case Study of the Food Retailing Industry

Martins-Turner, Kai; Grahle, Alexander; Nagel, Kai; Göhlich, Dietmar
2020, Conference Object

Linkages between Phosphorus and Plant Diversity in Central European Forest Ecosystems—Complementarity or Competition?

Rieger, Isaak; Kowarik, Ingo; Ziche, Daniel; Wellbrock, Nicole; Cierjacks, Arne
2019, Article

Calibration of Polarization Fields and Electro-Optical Response of Group-III Nitride Based c-Plane Quantum-Well Heterostructures by Application of Electro-Modulation Techniques

Papadimitriou, Dimitra N.
2019, Article

Wild Bee Conservation within Urban Gardens and Nurseries: Effects of Local and Landscape Management

Egerer, Monika; Cecala, Jacob M.; Cohen, Hamutahl
2019, Article

Achtung: Smart! – Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Idee der ‚Smart City‘ für deutsche Kommunen

Konieczek-Woger, Magdalena; Naeth, Alexander
2020, Master Thesis

Triebkräfte und Potenziale des Aufbegehrens in Planungsprozessen

2020, Book

Numerical and experimental investigation of the assessment of rail damper parameters with a new lab-scaled model

Jahan Tigh Kuchak, Alireza
2020, Doctoral Thesis

On the discretization of a bistable cantilever beam with application to energy harvesting

Noll, Max-Uwe; Lentz, Lukas; Wagner, Utz von
2019, Article

Ad-Hoc stream query processing

Karimov, Jeyhun
2020, Doctoral Thesis

Fully integrated 240 GHz transmitter and receiver for high data rate communication

Eissa, Mohamed Hussein
2020, Doctoral Thesis

Simulation-based study and analysis of the wind power integration using heat pump and thermal energy storage

Heidar Esfehani, Hamidreza
2020, Doctoral Thesis

Graphene Quantum Dot-Based Electrochemical Immunosensors for Biomedical Applications

Mansuriya, Bhargav D.; Altintas, Zeynep
2019, Article

The Alanine World Model for the Development of the Amino Acid Repertoire in Protein Biosynthesis

Kubyshkin, Vladimir; Budisa, Nediljko
2019, Article

Generation of maximally entangled states and coherent control in quantum dot microlenses

Bounouar, Samir; Haye, Christpoh de la; Strauß, Max; Schnauber, Peter; Thoma, Alexander; Gschrey, Manuel; Schulze, Jan-Hindrik; Strittmatter, André; Rodt, Sven; Reitzenstein, Stephan
2018, Article

Efficient single-photon source based on a deterministically fabricated single quantum dot - microstructure with backside gold mirror

Fischbach, Sarah; Kaganskiy, Arsenty; Tauscher, Esra Burcu Yarar; Gericke, Fabian; Thoma, Alexander; Schmidt, Ronny; Strittmatter, André; Heindel, Tobias; Reitzenstein, Stephan
2017, Article

Resonance fluorescence of a site-controlled quantum dot realized by the buried-stressor growth technique

Strauß, Max; Kaganskiy, Arsenty; Voigt, Robert; Schnauber, Peter; Schulze, Jan-Hindrik; Rodt, Sven; Strittmatter, André; Reitzenstein, Stephan
2017, Article

Enhanced photon-extraction efficiency from InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots in deterministic photonic structures at 1.3 μm fabricated by in-situ electron-beam lithography

Strocka, N.; Musiał, A.; Schneider, P.-I.; Mrowiński, P.; Holewa, P.; Burger, S.; Quandt, D.; Strittmatter, André; Rodt, Sven; Reitzenstein, Stephan; Sęk, G.
2018, Article