Recent Submissions

Recent Submissions
Adaptive traffic signal control for real-world scenarios in agent-based transport simulations

Thunig, Theresa; Kühnel, Nico; Nagel, Kai (2019)

ABC_DJ Implementation in Territories Outside Europe

Reguera, Lucía; Muñoz, Bruno; Pozo, Nerea (2019-01-02)

Agreement on a New Single License Model for In-Store Audio Systems for European Collecting Societies

Reguera, Lucía; Muñoz, Bruno; Pozo, Nerea; Roozendaal, Dave (2019-01-02)

Final Research Report for Sound Design and Audio Player

Schwarz, Diemo; Fourer, Dominique (2018-12-31)

Final Research Report on Auto-Tagging of Music

Schwarz, Diemo; Peeters, Geoffroy; Cohen-Hadria, Alice; Fourer, Dominique; Marchand, Ugo; Mignot, Rémi; Cornu, Frédéric; Laffitte, Pierre; Schindler, Daniel; Hofmann, Robin; Spadaveccia, Rino (2018-12-12)

Music Providers Landscape Europe

Torres, Borja; Roozendaal, Dave; Reguera, Lucía (2016-06-30)

Analysis of European IP Laws for Audio Branding Context

Reguera, Lucía; Planas, Noemí; Muñoz, Bruno (2016-12-31)

Survey Report: Audio Branding Support Systems

Schindler, Daniel Artur; Miccoli, Stefano; Torres, Borja (2016-04-29)

Common Definitions in Audio Branding Processes

Haaksman, Felix; Schönrock, Andreas; Borgstedt, Silke; Peeters, Geoffroy; Muñoz, Bruno; Lepa, Steffen; Canepa, Alessandro; Cardinale, Paolo; Schindler, Daniel (2017-04-06)

Report on Collecting Schemes Europe

Reguera, Lucía; Muñoz, Bruno; Planas, Noemí; Pozo, Nerea (2016-06-30)

Chromophore binding to two cysteines increases quantum yield of near-infrared fluorescent proteins

Buhrke, David; Tavraz, Neslihan N.; Shcherbakova, Daria M.; Sauthof, Luisa; Moldenhauer, Marcus; Vélazquez Escobar, Francisco; Verkhusha, Vladislav V.; Hildebrandt, Peter; Friedrich, Thomas (2019-02-12)

Estimating Pore Water Electrical Conductivity of Sandy Soil from Time Domain Reflectometry Records Using a Time-Varying Dynamic Linear Model

Aljoumani, Basem; Sanchez-Espigares, Jose A.; Wessolek, Gerd (2018-12-13)

German public utilities

Stiel, Caroline (2018)

Towards By-Product Utilisation of Pea Hulls: Isolation and Quantification of Galacturonic Acid

Gutöhrlein, Friederike; Drusch, Stephan; Schalow, Sebastian (2018-12-10)

Reducing global CO2 emissions with the technologies we have

Ward, Hauke; Radebach, Alexander; Vierhaus, Ingmar; Fügenschuh, Armin; Steckel, Jan Christoph (2017)

Analysis of coexisting graphical and textual representations of requirements based on activity diagrams and structured text

Beckmann, Martin (2019)

Electronic Supplementary to Doctoral Dissertation

Lobanova, Anastasia (2018)

Lernen und Lehren mit Medien und über Medien

Bäsler, Sue-Ann (2019)

Realisierung eines piezo-resistiven Niederdruck-Sensors in der SOI-Technologie zum Einsatz in Hochtemperatur- und aggressiver Umgebung

Mukhopadhyay, Biswajit (2019)

Model for tooth development in vitro

Rosowski, Jennifer (2019)