Recent Submissions

Recent Submissions
Geochronology of granites of the western Korosten AMCG complex (Ukrainian Shield): implications for the emplacement history and origin of miarolitic pegmatites

Shumlyanskyy, Leonid; Franz, Gerhard; Glynn, Sarah; Mytrokhyn, Oleksandr; Voznyak, Dmytro; Bilan, Olena
2021, Article

RIANN—A robust neural network outperforms attitude estimation filters

Weber, Daniel; Gühmann, Clemens; Seel, Thomas
2021, Article

Predicting water supply and evapotranspiration of street trees using hydro-pedo-transfer functions (HPTFs)

Wessolek, Gerd; Kluge, Björn
2021, Article

Flexible and efficient inference with particles for the variational Gaussian approximation

Galy-Fajou, Théo; Perrone, Valerio; Opper, Manfred
2021, Article

Calibration-free gait assessment by foot-worn inertial sensors

Laidig, Daniel; Jocham, Andreas J.; Guggenberger, Bernhard; Adamer, Klemens; Fischer, Michael; Seel, Thomas
2021, Article

Machine learning of surface layer property prediction for milling operations

Uhlmann, Eckart; Holznagel, Tobias; Schehl, Philipp; Bode, Yannick
2021, Article

Lager yeast design through meiotic segregation of a fertile Saccharomyces cerevisiae x Saccharomyces eubayanus hybrid

Krogerus, Kristoffer; Magalhães, Frederico; Castillo, Sandra; Peddinti, Gopal; Vidgren, Virve; De Chiara, Matteo; Yue, Jia-Xing; Liti, Gianni; Gibson, Brian
2021, Article

Semi-automated high-throughput substrate screening assay for nucleoside kinases

Hellendahl, Katja F.; Fehlau, Maryke; Hans, Sebastian; Neubauer, Peter; Kurreck, Anke
2021, Article

From something old to something new: Functionalist lessons for the cognitive science of scientific creativity

Sanches de Oliveira, Guilherme
2022, Article

Phase separation in anaerobic digestion: a potential for easier process combination?

Janesch, Eike; Pereira, Joana; Neubauer, Peter; Junne, Stefan
2021, Article

Are women greener than men? A preference analysis of women and men from major German cities over sustainable urban mobility

Kawgan-Kagan, Ines
2020, Article

An inverse microphone array method for the estimation of a rotating source directivity

Jekosch, Simon; Sarradj, Ennes
2021, Article

In vivo analysis of the biocompatibility and bone healing capacity of a novel bone grafting Material Combined with Hyaluronic Acid

Pröhl, Annica; Batinic, Milijana; Alkildani, Said; Hahn, Michael; Radenkovic, Milena; Najman, Stevo; Jung, Ole; Barbeck, Mike
2021, Article

Modeling tumor disease and sepsis by networks of adaptively coupled phase oscillators

Sawicki, Jakub; Berner, Rico; Löser, Thomas; Schöll, Eckehard
2022, Article

Efficient unnatural protein production by pyrrolysyl-tRNA synthetase with genetically fused solubility tags

Koch, Nikolaj G.; Baumann, Tobias; Budisa, Nediljko
2021, Article

Sustainable Societies: Transition from theories to practice

Sethi, Mahendra
2022, Book

Open-source modeling of flow based market coupling

Weinhold, Richard
2022, Doctoral Thesis

Employment of a multi-material ALE approach using nonlinear soil models to simulate large deformation geotechnical problems

Bakroon, Montaser
2021, Doctoral Thesis

An integrated evanescent field sensor for the simultaneous measurement of layer refractive index and thickness

Jäger, Matthias; Bruns, Jürgen; Schneidewind, Jessica; Pinnow, Cay; Gargouri, Hassan; Petermann, Klaus
2021, Article

Investigation of deformation behavior of PETG-FDM-printed metamaterials with pantographic substructures based on different slicing strategies

Özen, Arda; Ganzosch, Gregor; Barchiesi, Emilio; Auhl, Dietmar W.; Müller, Wolfgang H.
2021, Article