Recent Submissions

Recent Submissions
Defects in complex metal oxide photoelectrodes for solar water splitting

Lamers, Marlene Angele
2021, Doctoral Thesis

GenIcoNet: Generative Icosahedral Mesh Convolutional Network - Dataset

Jain, Hardik
2021, Generic Research Data

Modeling and control of power converters in weak and unbalanced electric grids

Just, Hendrik
2021, Doctoral Thesis

Joint Link Rate Selection and Adaptive Forward Error Correction for High-Rate Wireless Multicast

Geithner, Thomas
2021, Software

Evaluation of high-level languages for general FPGA acceleration

Saavedra, Antonio; Nazar, Gabriel L.; Stawinoga, Nicolai; Juurlink, Ben
2021, Conference Object

Operation control of islanded microgrids

Hans, Christian A.
2021, Book

Working misunderstandings

Mörike, Frauke
2021, Book

A framework for BIM-based disassembly models to support reuse of building components✰

Sanchez, Benjamin; Rausch, Christopher; Haas, Carl; Hartmann, Timo
2021, Article

Applications of machine learning in dynamic settings

Brandl, Stephanie
2021, Doctoral Thesis

Anwendungsorientierte digitale Toolbox

Podann, Audrey-Catherine; Markert, Laura
2021, Report

Gedächtnis und Leiblichkeit: Herkunft, Gefahr und Aktualität ihres Zusammenhangs

Guerreschi, Luca
2021, Book Part

Geschäftsmodelle der Energiewende im regionalen Umfeld

Lübeck, Undine; Markurt, Christian; Kochems, Johannes; Giehl, Johannes; Grosse, Benjamin; Müller-Kirchenbauer, Joachim
2021, Article

Nietzsches Psychosomatik

Guerreschi, Luca
2019, Article

Die Perspektive der Logik und die Logik der Perspektivität

Guerreschi, Luca
2018, Article

Assessing the quality of experience of cloud gaming services

Schmidt, Steven
2021, Doctoral Thesis

Concepts for efficient, adaptive and robust deep learning from distributed data

Sattler, Felix
2021, Doctoral Thesis

High-speed permanent magnet motor with immersion evaporative cooling

Bi, Liuxin
2021, Doctoral Thesis

Faster algorithms for Steiner tree and related problems

Rehfeldt, Daniel Markus
2021, Doctoral Thesis

CIGSSe thin film photovoltaic yield improvement for operating conditions

Farias Basulto, Guillermo Antonio
2021, Doctoral Thesis

Tradition as a Stepping Stone for a Microbial Defined Water Kefir Fermentation Process: Insights in Cell Growth, Bioflavoring, and Sensory Perception

Köhler, Sarah; Schmacht, Maximilian; Troubounis, Aktino H. L.; Ludszuweit, Marie; Rettberg, Nils; Senz, Martin
2021, Article