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Unsteady Effects on NOx Measurements in Pulse Detonation Combustion

Hanraths, Niclas; Bohon, Myles D.; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Djordjevic, Neda

Emission measurements from unsteady combustion systems such as Pulse Detonation Combustion (PDC) are challenging due to the inherently large variations in pressure, temperature, composition, and flow velocity of the exhaust gas. Comparison of experimental data is additionally complicated by differences in operating conditions and gas sampling setup between different facilities. Qualitative considerations with regard to the sampling process from PDC, based on one-dimensional simulations, indicate a systematic influence of the sampling setup and extraction process on the resulting concentration measurements. Therefore, operating frequency, sample time, fill time, as well as PDC outlet and probe geometry were varied experimentally in order to assess the degree to which each of these parameters impact the resulting measured NOx in order to better inform researchers of these effects when making measurements. It was shown that measured NOx emissions can vary significantly depending on the choice of these parameters and therefore care must be exercised in order to reduce the influence of the sampling technique when aiming for comparable results.
Published in: Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, 10.1007/s10494-021-00252-3, Springer Nature