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A High-Performance Hardware Accelerator for HEVC Motion Compensation

Göbel, Matthias

The presented master’s thesis has focused on the design and implementation of a motion compensation hardware accelerator for use in HEVC hybrid decoders, i.e. decoders that contain hardware as well as software parts. As the motion compensation is the most time consuming step in the decoding process it is crucial to implement it in a fast and efficient way. This paper elaborates the theoretical background and motivation and highlights the main design choices. In the following evaluation a comparison between the hybrid decoder and a pure software decoder is performed. The results show that the design is capable of increasing the decoding frame rate in the range of 60% for 1080p video streams when running at 100 MHz.
Published in: Informatiktage 2014 / Fachwissenschaftlicher Informatik-Kongress, 27. und 28. März 2014, Hasso-Plattner-Institut der Universität Potsdam, Gesellschaft für Informatik