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Reduction of the transverse effective charge of optical phonons in ZnO under pressure

Reparaz, Juan Sebastián; Muniz, Luis Antonio; Wagner, Markus R.; Goñi, Alejandro R.; Alonso, Maria Isabel; Hoffmann, Axel; Meyer, Bruno K.

From Raman scattering on a-plane wurtzite ZnO crystals we obtained a decreasing splitting between longitudinal and transversal optical phonons with A1 and E1 symmetry as a function of hydrostatic pressure up to 5.5 GPa. Consequently, the transverse effective charge (e∗T) exhibits a strong reduction with increasing pressure, yielding 2.17–14.6×10−3 P/GPa and 2.04–13.7×10−3 P/GPa (in units of the elementary charge) for the A1 and E1 phonons, respectively. We find a clear systematic in the linear pressure coefficient of e∗T with bond polarity for the series of wide-band gap semiconductors SiC, AlN, GaN, and ZnO.
Published in: Applied Physics Letters, 10.1063/1.3447798, American Institute of Physics (AIP)
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