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Four Mice From Above

Hohlbaum, Katharina; Dolokov, Alexander; Andresen, Niek; Thöne-Reineke, Christa; Lewejohann, Lars; Hellwich, Olaf

The "Four Mice From Above" video dataset contains recordings of four C57BL/6J mice freely moving in a cage. They are filmed from above such that the whole cage is in the frame. The cage is closed with a transparent lid. Each 10-minute video segment shows a different condition of occluding objects in the cage. The conditions range from only bedding material and food pellets to a cluttered environment with an igloo, running plate, paper strips, papers towels and a transparent tunnel. This data is supplement to the paper "Upper Bound Tracker: A Multi-Animal Tracking Solution for Closed Laboratory Settings" VISAPP 2023.