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GaAs-based subwavelength grating on an AlOx layer for a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser

Liu, Anjin; Yang, Bo; Wolf, Philip; Zhang, Jing; Bimberg, Dieter

A GaAs-based subwavelength grating on a thick (∼3/4*λ at 1300 nm) AlOx layer is designed, fabricated, and characterized. The AlOx layer as a low-index medium is oxidized from a 640-nm Al0.9Ga0.1As layer. The layer contraction of the Al0.9Ga0.1As layer after wet oxidation to AlOx is 4.9%. We fabricated GaAs-based subwavelength gratings on the AlOx layer showing a high reflectivity of 90% in the 1300-nm wavelength range, consistent with the simulation results. Such GaAs-based subwavelength gratings can be used as high-contrast grating mirrors for narrow-linewidth VCSELs, improving the mechanical stability and simplifying the device fabrication.
Published in: OSA Continuum, 10.1364/OSAC.384327, The Optical Society
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