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Untersuchungen Über Iodomercurate: Kristallstrukturen Von Bis-Tetramethylammonium-Tetraiodomercurat(Ii), Tetramethylammoniumpentaiododimercurat(Ii) Und Bis[Di(12-Krone-4)Lithium]-Decaiodotetramercurat(Ii)

Pickardt, Joachim; Wiese, Sven; Borowski, Marina

Crystals of [Me4N]2[HgI4] (1) and [Me4N][Hg2I5] (2), were obtained from solutions of stoichiometric amounts of HgI2 and Me4NI in EtOH or acetone, resp., while crystals of [Li(12-crown- 4)2]2[Hg4I10] (3) formed upon interdiffusion of methanolic solutions of HgI2, LiI and of the auxiliary ligand. The crystal structures of the compounds were determined. The [Hg2I5]− ion in (2) has a polymeric sheet structure, built up from [Hg2I6] units bridged by [HgI4] groups sharing common apices. The [Hg4I10]2− ion in 3 consists of four [HgI4] tetrahedra sharing common edges. A short survey on the iodomercurate(II) anions known up to now is given and a classification is proposed
Published in: Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B, 10.1515/znb-2006-0802, De Gruyter