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Survey Musik und Medien 2012: Audio Media Usage in Germany - Audio Emitters - Audio Emitters used in 2012 - Versatile Audiophiles

Lepa, Steffen

How do the Germans listen to music nowadays? Survey Musik und Medien 2012 delivers representative data on actual audio media usage of German population. These data allow the comparison of usage frequencies regarding new and old audio media technologies with reference to three separate domains of audio technology use: Audio Sources describe distribution channels by which music is purchased, archived and made accessible. The term Audio Devices refers to technical devices that permit access to and enable playback of Audio Sources. Audio Emitters finally comprise those technical objects that are connected to Audio Devices to make the Audio Sources actually audible.
  • Where did the sound emanate from in 2012? Audio Emitters comprise those technical objects that are connected to Audio Devices in order to make Audio Sources audible. This category includes headphones and loudspeakers with both diverse sound formats (mono, stereo, surround) as well as various device types (Headphones: small, standard, HiFi; Loudspeakers: integrated models, single components and docking stations). Versatile Audiophiles who were typically born between 1970 and 1992 represent the least prevalent user type with a total of 10,1 % in population. Not only do they access the most expanded repertoire of audio technology, they also exhibit the most intense music use in everyday life. Whether original or self compiled CDs, radio, various digital storage media or cloud, website and streaming services – the majority of the Versatile Audiophiles uses all of them at least once a week. Those sources are accessed via car radio, hifi systems and analog radio devices as well as by manifold mobile devices, desktop PC or digital entertainment media. Regarding audio emitters they also represent the “omnivores” amongst all repertoires. On top of that they outperform the other user types in terms of their relative frequency of hifi headphone and subwoofer use.