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Frictional Energy Dissipation in Partial Slip Contacts of Axisymmetric Power-Law Graded Elastic Solids under Oscillating Tangential Loads: Effect of the Geometry and the In-Depth Grading

Wilhayn, Josefine; Heß, Markus

Due to the rapid development of additive manufacturing, a growing number of components in mechanical engineering are made of functionally graded materials. Compared to conventional materials, they exhibit improved properties in terms of strength, thermal, wear or corrosion resistance. However, because of the varying material properties, especially the type of in-depth grading of Young’s modulus, the solution of contact problems including the frequently encountered tangential fretting becomes significantly more difficult. The present work is intended to contribute to this context. The partial-slip contact of axisymmetric, power-law graded elastic solids under classical loading by a constant normal force and an oscillating tangential force is investigated both numerically and analytically. For this purpose, a fictitious equivalent contact model in the mathematical space of the Abel transform is used since it simplifies the solution procedure considerably without being an approximation. For different axisymmetric shaped solids and various elastic inhomogeneities (types of in-depth grading), the hysteresis loops are numerically generated and the corresponding dissipated frictional energies per cycle are determined. Moreover, a closed-form analytical solution for the dissipated energy is derived, which is applicable for a breadth class of axisymmetric shapes and elastic inhomogeneities. The famous solution of Mindlin et al. emerges as a special case.
Published in: Mathematics, 10.3390/math10193641, MDPI