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Multi-objective optimization of energy-efficient production schedules using genetic algorithms

Küster, Tobias; Rayling, Philipp; Wiersig, Robin; Pardo, Francisco Denis Pozo

The optimization of production schedules to be more energy efficient while still meeting production goals is a difficult task: How to schedule and distribute production tasks to meet production goals, while making best use of fluctuating energy market prices and availability of locally installed energy sources? Although a large body of related work exists in this domain, most of those seem to focus on individual aspects and not the whole picture. In this paper, a genetic algorithm for optimization of production schedules with respect to energy consumption, peak shaving, and makespan is presented, that also takes into account that tasks can be performed in different ways, having different characteristics. The algorithm has been successfully employed within the SPEAR project by applying it for optimization of an automotive production line and for the pathway of an automated guided vehicle.
Published in: Optimization and Engineering, 10.1007/s11081-021-09691-3, Springer Nature